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From Healing to Helping Others - The Inspiring Journey of Home Villa Yoga’s Founder

Imagine yoga as a path to not just a stronger body, but a more fulfilling life. That’s the philosophy that radiates from Home Villa Yoga, and it all stems from the remarkable story of our founder, Mrs. Ina Dani. 

Driven by a personal quest for well-being and a deep respect for yoga’s ancient wisdom, Mrs. Dani has dedicated the last four decades to this practice. Her passion spills out from the studio, recognizing the need for accessible yoga props to deepen everyone’s practice. This led to the creation of MeFree LLP, a company offering high-quality yoga props at an affordable price. 

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But Mrs. Dani’s impact goes beyond physical well-being. She’s actively involved with Sab Ka Mangal Ho, a foundation providing yoga training to orphaned children. See how Sab Ka Mangal Ho empowers children. Witnessing these children not only improve their health but excel in competitions showcases the transformative power of yoga, echoing the words of her guru, the revered B.K.S. Iyengar Guruji: “Yoga is not about showing off, it’s about finding your inner self.” 

At Home Villa Yoga, we’re proud to be a part of Mrs. Dani’s legacy. We offer a warm and welcoming space for individuals seeking to nurture their physical and mental well-being through yoga. With a variety of classes and experienced instructors, we can guide you on your own unique yoga journey. 

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