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Beginner's Yoga

In today’s world, with the significant rise of pollution, it has become important to promote self-care. Whether you are a business owner, an employee, or a homemaker it has become equally important for all. For over 5,000 years, Yoga has been an age-old solution to finding mental and physical stability. In this beginner’s batch, we will help you build strength and find your Zen with step-by-step guidance through your yoga journey.  



Yoga is not a religion, although it is a spiritual practice for many. Others use their yoga practice alongside their religious practices without conflict.  

You can wear anything that is comfortable and allows you to move! Traditionally, yogis wore loose, breathable clothing that allowed them to move around freely. A simple body-hugging t-shirt and tracks would also do.  

Ideally, it is advised that you do not consume any food 2-3 hours before your class. However, if you have low blood sugar, low blood pressure, or some other concerns, you may need a small snack within that time frame. In which case it is best to check with your physician or healthcare provider. 

Yoga is a non-competitive sport so there is no need for any special physical traits to practice yogaAll you need is desire, patience, and perseverance. We do not practice yoga to become flexible, it is practice of concentration, listening, attention and awareness. Flexibility, when it comes, is a by-product of it. 

Traditionally, it is ideal time to practice is at sunrise or sunset. Most people prefer to practice early in the morning because during this time the body and mind are still fresh and quiet and there are few external disturbances.  

Props make it possible for every person to enhance their Sadhana (practice of yoga), regardless of their physical limitations. 

The use of props allows one to: 

– Perform difficult asanas independently 

– Achieve and maintain correct alignment  

– Holding asanas for longer and relax, thus attaining their full benefit 

– Understand the asanas on a deeper level 

– Continue practicing despite of chronic or temporary ailments and improve their condition. 


Ina Dani

Ina Dani

Prenatal Yoga, Therapy Classes

After suffering from severe health conditions in her 40s, Ina Dani discovered the magical healing powers of yoga under the guidance of Yogacharya Guruji B.K.S Iyengar and Geetaji. After treating her own ailments, she created a center where all yoga teachers could come and teach. As she benefitted from Iyengar Yoga her intention was to benefit others and society at large. 




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