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Story of YOG

Over 3 decades ago, Mr. Ashwin Dani & Mrs. Ina Dani experienced a blissful transformation while learning yoga under the guidance of Guruji B.K.S Iyengar, Geetaji & Prashantji. Inspired by the wonders of yoga, the Dani family set off on a journey to spread this magical gift to the world, and hence YOG was born. YOG was born as an initiative under HomeVilla Yoga which became our primary center in Mumbai. Soon YOG became a temple of spiritual healing where anyone could connect to the greater universe and find bliss within themselves. For over two decades, YOG has conducted medical, prenatal, children, and general yoga classes at the center to cater to thousands of practitioners from different walks of life.

Founder’s Story

In her 40s, Inaben started to suffer from serious health conditions, so much that she was unable to do simple tasks like excretions. That is when Yogacharya Guruji B.K.S Iyengar and Geetaji took her under their wing and taught her the path of YOG. Having witnessed the magic of yoga, the Dani family decided to spread yoga to people for the betterment of society. Having undergone 3 C-sections herself, Inaben started teaching prenatal yoga to pregnant women so she could guide expectant mothers to safe childbirth. Inaben has guided around 2000 prenatal women to successful deliveries with 97% percent of them being natural births.

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Our Vision

To create awareness of the wonders of yoga and to see it being practiced in every home, irrespective of Age, Gender, Profession, or Medical/Fitness Conditions.

Our Mission

To bring tranquillity and bliss to everyone by helping them connect with their physical and spiritual self through yoga. 

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