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Yoga means union – the union of the body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. It is an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition to mankind which needs to be nurtured by each one of us, for one’s own development and to create a feeling of oneness with self, the world, and nature. Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar was one such incarnation, who through his demonstrations of the yogic practices penned down by Sage Patanjali 2500 years ago, gave a new zeal and meaning to millions of lives across the world. It is a perfect science of the evolution of humanity, cultivating ways of maintaining a balanced attitude and helping one to attain good health, peace, and tranquility.

25th Annual Day (2nd Mar'23)

At Homevilla Yoga, we believe yoga is for everyone. That’s why, on our 25th annual day (2nd Mar’23) we were thrilled to invite students of our Non Profit Organisation “Sab Ka Mangal Ho”. SKHM is dedicated to empowering orphaned children through the practice of yoga. These enthusiastic young yogis showcased their dedication and talent with a heart-warming yoga performance. Their energy and passion for yoga were truly inspiring, reminding us of the transformative power of this practice for people of all ages and backgrounds.

This event wasn’t just about celebrating yoga; it was about fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they shared their yoga skills with our studio members was truly special.

This collaboration embodies the spirit of Homevilla Yoga. We are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to explore the benefits of yoga.

This event not only showcased the talent of the kids, but also highlighted Homevilla’s commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity. Check out the complete video.

International Yoga Day 2023

On the radiant morning of June 21st, 2023, a spirited celebration of harmony and well-being unfolded at Homevilla Yoga. The International Day of Yoga Free-Trials was a day-long event that opened its doors to all, offering an enlightening experience of yoga with props. As the sun greeted the day, individuals from diverse backgrounds, including enthusiastic employees from various corporate companies, flocked to the event to explore the transformative power of yoga. This unique occasion not only introduced the participants to the numerous benefits of yoga but also shed light on how they could incorporate these practices into their daily work routines. 

International Yoga Day 2018

International Yoga Day 2018 event turned out to be one of the most exciting events for the Homevilla Yoga Centre with the participation of 942 people which included 700 students from thirteen schools of Grant Road and Charni Road. It was an experience of a lifetime for many of the newcomers who had an opportunity to visit the yoga center to leverage the experience of yoga using props. It was a sight to see the children bubbling with enthusiasm and full of energy beaming with smiles post the yoga sessions.

Sab ka Mangal Ho meaning “Wellness for All” is a non-profit foundation initiated in 2016 with the ambitious mission of providing yoga education to children in orphanages. SKMH has connected with more than 20 orphanages and touched the lives of more than 600 beneficiaries in the state of Maharashtra. It is a delight to see how they have progressed through the last five years. Children have been very much committed to yoga. Opportunities are being provided for many of these children to graduate under the Pune Ramamani Iyengar Institute. These children have also participated and outshined themselves in the District, State level competitions, and the Yoga premier league.

International Yoga Day 2019

The dawn of 21st June 2019 found a new wellness perspective from Homevilla Yoga. About 100 working personnel from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation had assembled together to learn a simple set of Yoga poses at August Kranti Maidan. Men and women gave the best they could with a spirit of happiness and togetherness to celebrate the universal day of wellness. With the resolution of Wellness for the Community, Homevilla Yoga is all set to mark a positive revolution in the minds of the people eventually making them happier.

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