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Pre and Post Natal Care Session
Pre and Post Natal Care Session Mobile
Dr Ashima Acharya

Points that would be covered during the Workshop

Pre & Postnatal Care with Dr. Ashima Acharya

After receiving a huge response to our previous Pre & Post natal care workshop, we’re excited to announce another Pre & Postnatal Care session on 3rd April 2024. Workshop will be led by the esteemed Dr. Ashima Acharya, who brings 25+ years of experience in this field. This workshop empowers expectant mothers to navigate the incredible journey of pregnancy with greater ease and confidence. We acknowledge the spectrum of physical and emotional changes you’re experiencing, including mood swings, cramps, and hormonal fluctuations. Join us for a comprehensive session covering essential aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.

Pre and Post Natal Care Session Timings



Prenatal Care is taken when the mother is the beginning of her pregnancy till her delivery is not done, multiple factors are to be taken care of, right from physical exercise/ yoga to various health check ups.   

Begin prenatal care as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Early care ensures a healthier pregnancy. 

Prenatal yoga tones muscles (especially pelvic floor and abdominal muscles), prepares for labor, and eases discomforts. 

Postnatal care focuses on the mother’s well-being after delivery. It includes physical recovery, physical exercise/ yoga, emotional support, and breastfeeding guidance. 

Regular postnatal check-ups, YOGA, and many other ways help detect and address health issues promptly. 

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