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Intermediate Yoga Class in Mumbai

Join our Intermediate Yoga Classes in Mumbai to practice the teachings of ancient yoga. We focus on awareness, breathing, and incorporating these principles into your daily life. These classes are open for intermediate yoga practitioners, providing a welcoming space for everyone.

Learn the essence of yoga in a simple and accessible way. Explore the connection between your physical and spiritual well-being, regardless of your experience level. Start your journey towards a balanced and mindful lifestyle with us.

Benefits of Intermediate Yoga Classes

Participants attending these classes have felt more energised and shared that they feel better emotionally and mentally. It goes beyond just physical benefits, being part of the sessions and our supportive community leaves individuals with a positive boost in overall energy and mood. Join us for a straightforward path to feeling better and more vital, not just during class, but in your daily life. Your journey towards improved physical and mental well-being starts here, in a space where shared practice brings positivity and a renewed sense of vitality.

Physical benefits 

Mental benefits 

Intermediate Class

Get a well-rounded experience when attending our Intermediate Yoga classes in Mumbai. These sessions feature a blend of traditional asanas, tailored to accommodate variations and modifications based on individual body types. Immerse yourself in mind-calming techniques designed to enhance mental well-being. Explore sequential pranayama practices, thoughtfully curated for each season to address specific physical concerns. The classes also incorporate meditation, fostering a deeper connection with your inner self.


Yoga is a non-competitive activity, requiring no specific physical traits for practice. All that's necessary is a willingness to learn, patience, and perseverance. The aim of yoga isn't primarily to enhance flexibility; rather, it serves as a tool to enhance concentration, attention span, and overall awareness. Increased flexibility naturally emerges as a by-product of consistent practice.

This class is exclusively for intermediate and advanced students. It might pose challenges for beginners, but if you're eager to learn, explore our dedicated beginner's class here. 

Traditionally, the optimal times for practice are at sunrise or sunset. Many individuals favor early morning sessions when the body and mind are fresh and serene, with minimal external disruptions.

It's advisable to wait at least four hours after a full meal before practicing. There are two primary reasons for this: first, a full stomach and intestines can limit movement due to heaviness, and secondly, practicing after a meal disrupts the body's natural energy flow, as it needs to focus on digestion. 

Props make it possible for everyone to enhance their Sadhana (yoga practice), irrespective of physical limitations. The use of props enables individuals to: 

- Independently perform challenging asanas 

- Achieve and maintain correct alignment 

- Hold asanas for longer, promoting relaxation and maximizing benefits 

- Gain a deeper understanding of asanas 

- Continue practicing despite chronic or temporary ailments, contributing to improvement. 


Meet Our Teacher

Najeeb Sayed

Najeeb Sayed is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher known for his helpful and compassionate nature, and ability to empower students to push their limits. He likes to inject new and positive energy into them. Ask any of his students, and they’ll tell you that Najeeb Sir has taught them how to cope with the challenges in life through his teachings. Whether it is in a class, at a workshop, or at his yoga retreats, you will surely get positive vibes and energy – you’ll always find him doling out the intricacies of a pose to an amateur, supporting an intermediate student to explore a graceful inversion or assisting a senior citizen in a restorative sequence.

With 30+ years of teaching experience, Najeeb Sir’s tryst with Iyengar Yoga happened in the late 1980s. He’s a direct disciple of Guruji BKS Iyengar who groomed him under his shade – attending his classes at RIMYI, Pune, and his classes in Mumbai over weekends. His journey as a teacher began in 1991 when Guruji recommended he teach Children’s Classes at Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Charni Road, Mumbai.



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